Music Meet Up #1: Song Monster

Today we had our first Music Meet Up! Six students ages 7-10 met and each shared a song or beat they had written. It was a great opportunity to begin to learn how to appreciate and show respect for each others’ music, and how to share their own work. It’s not an easy thing to do, and these kids showed a lot of courage and love for the music. We are proud of them!


Then we put little pieces of paper, each with a student’s name on it, into a cup. They each picked one of the papers out of the cup, to learn the song by the student they picked (and possibly add a few things!) to share for next time.

picking whose song to learn


We also did an activity called “Song Monster.” Each student had to create a different part of the monster (hand, leg, head, etc) by first writing a melody or beat on a sheet of paper…


..and then drawing their corresponding part of the monster. We taped the parts of the monster together and it looks like this:


Each part of this monster has a corresponding melody or beat. Next session we will play them all and hear what the Song Monster sounds like.

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